Privacy Attacks

Here attacker uses various automated tools which are freely available on the internet. Some of them are as follows:

1) Trojan :- Trojan is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) which enable attacker to execute various software and hardware instructions on the target system.

Most trojans consist of two parts -
a) The Server Part :- It has to be installed on the the victim's computer.
b) The Client Part :- It is installed on attacker's system. This part gives attacker complete control over target computer.

Netbus, Girlfriend, sub7, Beast, Back Orifice are some of the popular trojans.

2) Keylogger :- Keyloggers are the tools which enable attacker to record all the keystrokes made by victim and send it's logs secretly to the attacker's e-mail address which is previously set by him.

Almost all the Trojans have keylogging function.

Use of latest updated antirus-firewall, detect the presence of trojan and remove it permanently.

3) Spyware :- Spyware utilities are the malicious programs that spy on the activities of victim, and covertly pass on the recorded information to the attacker without the victim's consent. Most spyware utilities monitor and record the victim's internet-surfing habits. Typically, a spyware tool is built into a host .exe file or utility. If a victim downloads and executes an infected .exe file, then the spyware becomes active on the victim's system.
Spyware tools can be hidden both in .exe files an even ordinary cookie files.
Most spyware tools are created and released on the internet with the aim of collecting useful information about a large number of Internet users for marketing and advertising purposes. On many occasions, attacker also use spyware tools for corporate espionage and spying purposes.

4) Sniffer :- Sniffers were originally developed as a tool for debugging/troubleshooting network problems.
The Ethernet based sniffer works with network interface card (NIC) to capture interprete and save the data packets sent across the network.
Sniffer can turn out to be quite dangerous. If an attacker manages to install a sniffer on your system or the router of your network, then all data including passwords, private messages, company secrets, etc. get captured.

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