Ethical Hacking eBooks

  • Web Hacking
    Web Hacking

    Exposes complete methodologies showing the actual techniques and attacks. Features include:-
    — Overview of the Web and what hackers go after
    — Complete Web application security methodologies
    — Detailed analysis of hack techniques
    — Countermeasures
    — What to do at development time to eliminate vulnerabilities
    — New case studies and eye-opening attack scenarios
    — Advanced Web hacking concepts, methodologies, and tools

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  • Viruses Revealed
    Viruses Revealed

    With the growing number of computer virus infections today and the billions of dollars spent on clean-up efforts virus protection has become everybody's business. This detailed guide offers full-scale coverage and analysis of the origin, structure, and technology behind the expanding array of computer viruses, and addresses current methods of detection and prevention.

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  • Hacker's Black Book
    Hacker's Black Book

    Easy to understand with many examples. Every day you hear in the daily news about hackers, virus, worms and trojans, SUB7, TCP, IP, PING, spoofing, sniffing, DDOS attacks, ...? And you don't know exactly what it is and how hackers do that. Don't rest a "lamer", Hacker's Blackbook let's you know and discovers many secrets. Incredible how easy hacking and cracking is! The book shows how simple you can use these programs. And many more themes in 19 detailed chapters...

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  • 501 Website Secrets
    501 Website Secrets

    What kind of secrets are included in 501 Web Site Secrets? Well, using this book is as simple as turning to the chapter on a particular site, reading through the secrets, then trying them on your own. You don't need any particular technical expertise to take advantage of these secrets, although some familiarity with the sites in question is helpful. There's no fancy programming, no high-level coding, just a lot of common-sense information that you probably didn't know before.
    Containing:- Yahoo!, Google, AOL, MSN, Amazon, Lycos, Ask, Altavista, Microsoft, etc...

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