BlueTooth Hacking

Discovering Bluetooth Devices :-
Before any two bluetooth enabled devices can start communicating with one another, they must carry out a procedure known as discovery. It can be carried out by scanning for other active devices within the range.

Recommended   Tools
It will try to extract as much information as possible for each newly discovered device
It is a GUI-based utility for finding discoverable and hidden Bluetooth-enabled devices
It is a J2ME application that can browse and explore the technical specification of surrounding Bluetooth enabled devices. It works on phones that supports JSR-82 - the Java Bluetooth specification
It is a scanner for Windows Mobile based devices. It also implements the BlueJacking and BlueSnarfing attacks

Hacking Bluetooth Devices :-
There are a variety of different types of bluetooth related threats and attacks that can be executed against unsuspecting mobile phone users. Following are some of the most common types of threats :-

1) BluePrinting Attack :- Information gathering is the first step in the quest to break into target system. Even BlueTooth devices can be fingerprinted or probed for information gathering using the technique known as BluePrinting. Using this one can determine manufacturer, model, version, etc. for target bluetooth enabled device.

Recommended   Tools
As the name suggests
It is an information gathering tool that allows attacker to query devices without the need to carry out pairing

2) BlueJack Attack :- Bluejacking is the process of sending an anonymous message from a bluetooth enabled phone to another, within a particular range without knowing the exact source of the recieved message to the recepient.

Recommended   Tools
Bluejacking tool written in JAVA
Can I Hack With Bluetooth (CIHWB) is a Bluetooth security auditing framework for Windows Mobile 2005. Supports BlueSnarf, BlueJack, and some DoS attacks. Should work on any PocketPC with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack

3) BlueSnarf Attack :- Bluesnarfing is the process of connecting vulnerable mobile phones through bluetooth, without knowing the victim. It involves OBEX protocol by which an attacker can forcibly push/pull sensitive data in/out of the victim's mobile phone, hence also known as OBEX pull attack.
This attack requires J2ME enabled mobile phones as the attacker tool. With J2ME enabled phone, just by using bluesnarfing tools like Blooover, Redsnarf, Bluesnarf, etc. an attacker can break into target mobile phone for stealing sensitive data such as address book, photos, mp3, videos, SMS, ......!

Recommended   Tools
It is a J2ME-based auditing tool. It is intended to serve as an auditing tool to check whether a mobile phone is vulnerable. It can also be used to carry out BlueBug attack
One of the best bluesnarfing tool
It downloads the phone-book of any mobile device vulnerable to Bluesnarfing