NetBIOS Hacking

NetBIOS stands for "Network Basic Input Output System".
It was originally developed by IBM and Sytek as an Application Programming Interface (API) for client software to access LAN resources.
By default it runs on port 139.
NetBIOS gives the various information of the computers on a network, which includes computer name, username, domain, group, and many others.....!

The NBTSTAT Command :-
NBTSTAT is the command for manually interact with NetBIOS Over TCP/IP.
All the attributes (switches) used with nbtstat command and their usage can be viewed.
At the command prompt type-



Sample NBTSTAT Response :-

C:\>nbtstat -A

NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

Name TypeStatus

MAC Address = 86-95-55-50-00-00

An intruder could use the output from an nbtstat against your machines to begin gathering information about them.

"<03> in above table is nothing but the username of that system."

The next step for an intruder would be to try and list the open shares on the given computer, using the net view command.
Here is an example of the Net View command-

C:\>net view \\
Shared resources at \\

Sharename  Type  Comment
CDiskDrive C:\
MySoftsDiskMy Softwares Collection
EDiskDrive E:\

The command was completed successfully.

This information would give the intruder a list of shares which he would then use in conjunction with the Net Use command, a command used to enable a computer to map a share to it\92s local drive, below is an example of how an intruder would map the C Share to a local G: drive, which he could then browse...!

C:\>net use G: \\\C
The command was completed successfully.