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-: Hacking Minesweeper by Dynamic DLL Injection :-

You can hack Microsoft Minesweeper by Dynamic DLL Injection Technique.
Dynamic DLL Injection is nothing but the injection that occurs after the program is executed. This technique is used by trojans & virus. When an attacker attempts to load code in process memory, then he is using Dynamic Injection.
It is working in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Tools Required:
1) Hack.dll [Download]
2) Advanced Process Manipulation [Download]

Steps to Hack Minesweeper:
  • Start Minesweeper (Start->All Programs->Games->Minesweeper)
  • Start APM (Advanced Process Manipulation)
  • Select "c:\windows\system32\winmine.exe"

  • Right click on the module window in the lower half

  • Then select "Load DLL" and select the Hack.dll, from where you have saved it in your computer.
  • If you have done every thing right, you will get this window "Dll Injection, Sucessfull" Click OK there.

  • After that you will get a window "Success, C:\Hack.dll has been loaded". Click OK.

  • Now, start playing Minesweeper.
  • Now you can close Advance Process Manipulation Software otherwise you can continue also.
  • Wow you have hacked minesweeper sucessfully. You will notice the timer has stopped after 01 seconds. Take as much time you need to complete the game.

  • After finishing your game . Select Hack.dll from the modules window and unload it. Otherwise close Advance Process Manipulation Software.

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