Hacking Tools
Network Security Scanner / Vulnerability Scanner
Nessus Nessus :- Premier UNIX vulnerability assessment tool. Nessus is the best free network vulnerability scanner available, and the best to run on UNIX at any price. It is constantly updated, with more than 11,000 plugins for the free (but registration and EULA-acceptance required) feed. Key features include remote and local (authenticated) security checks, a client/server architecture with a GTK graphical interface, and an embedded scripting language for writing your own plugins or understanding the existing ones.

Home:- http://www.nessus.org
Latest Release:- Nessus 4
Download:- http://www.nessus.org/download/
GFI LANguard GFI LANguard :- A commercial network security scanner for Windows. GFI LANguard scans IP networks to detect what machines are running. Then it tries to discern the host OS and what applications are running. I also tries to collect Windows machine's service pack level, missing security patches, wireless access points, USB devices, open shares, open ports, services/applications active on the computer, key registry entries, weak passwords, users and groups, and more. Scan results are saved to an HTML report, which can be customized/queried. It also includes a patch manager which detects and installs missing patches.

Home:- http://www.gfi.com
Latest Release:- GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 8
Download:- http://www.gfi.com/lannetscan/
Retina Retina :- Commercial vulnerability assessment scanner by eEye. Like Nessus, Retina's function is to scan all the hosts on a network and report on any vulnerabilities found. It was written by eEye, who are well known for their security research.

Home:- http://www.eeye.com
Latest Release:- Retina Network Security Scanner v5.15.7
Download:- http://www.eeye.com/html/Products/Retina/index.html
Core Impact Core Impact :- An automated, comprehensive penetration testing product. it is widely considered to be the most powerful exploitation tool available. It sports a large, regularly updated database of professional exploits, and can do neat tricks like exploiting one machine and then establishing an encrypted tunnel through that machine to reach and exploit other boxes.

Home:- http://www.coresecurity.com
Latest Release:- Core Impact 4.0
Download:- http://www.coresecurity.com/
ISS Scanner ISS Internet Scanner :- Application-level vulnerability assessment. Internet Scanner started off in '92 as a tiny open source scanner by Christopher Klaus. Now he has grown ISS into a billion-dollar company with a myriad of security products.

SARA SARA :- Security Auditor's Research Assistant. SARA is a third generation network security analysis tool that Operates under Unix, Linux, MAC OS/X or Windows. The first generation assistant, the Security Administrator's Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN) was developed in early 1995. It became the benchmark for network security analysis for several years. However, few updates were provided and the tool slowly became obsolete in the growing threat environment.

Home:- http://www-arc.com
Download:- http://www-arc.com/sara