EMail Hacking

All email communications on the internet are possible by two protocols:

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) [Port-25]
  • Post Office Protocol (POP) [Port-110]

EMail hacking includes various techniques such as Email Tracing, Email Spoofing, Email Spamming, etc.

— EMail Tracing —
Generally, the path taken by an email while travelling from sender to receiver can be explained by following diagram.


The most effective and easiest way to trace an email is to analyze it's email headers. This can be done by just viewing the full header of received email. A typical email header looks something like this:

The above email header gives us the following information about it's origin and path:

Source IP address:
Source mail
Email client:Thunderbird
Tips There are many tools available that perform email tracing very effectively and show exact geographical location of the email sender on a world map.
Recommended Tools