Ethical Hacking eBooks

  • Hacking Exposed VoIP
    Hacking Exposed VoIP

    This book illuminates how remote users can probe, sniff, and modify your phones, phone switches, and networks that offer VoIP services. Most importantly, the authors offer solutions to mitigate the risk of deploying VoIP technologies. Block debilitating VoIP attacks by learning how to look at your network and devices through the eyes of the malicious intruder. Hacking Exposed VoIP shows you, step-by-step, how online criminals perform reconnaissance, gain access, steal data, and penetrate vulnerable systems. All hardware-specific and network-centered security issues are covered alongside detailed countermeasures, in-depth examples, and hands-on implementation techniques. Inside, you'll learn how to defend against the latest DoS, man-in-the-middle, call flooding, eavesdropping, VoIP fuzzing, signaling and audio manipulation, Voice SPAM / SPIT, and voice phishing attacks.

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  • Google Apps Hacks
    Google Apps Hacks

    Can Google applications really become an alternative to the venerable Microsoft Office suite? Conventional wisdom may say no, but practical wisdom says otherwise. Right now, 100,000 small businesses are currently running trials of Google office applications. So are large corporations such as General Electric and Proctor & Gamble. Google Apps Hacks gets you in on the action with several ingenious ways to push Google's web, mobile, and desktop apps to the limit. The scores of clever hacks and workarounds in this book help you get more than the obvious out of a whole host of Google's web-based applications for word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint-style presentations, email, calendar, and more by giving you ways to exploit the suite's unique network functionality.

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  • Botnets – The Killer Web App
    Botnets The Killer Web App

    The book begins with real world cases of botnet attacks to underscore the need for action. Next the book will explain botnet fundamentals using real world examples. These chapters will cover what they are, how they operate, and the environment and technology that makes them possible. The following chapters will analyze botnets for opportunities to detect, track, and remove them. Then the book will describe intelligence gathering efforts and results obtained to date. Public domain tools like OurMon, developed by Jim Binkley of Portland State University, will be described in detail along with discussions of other tools and resources that are useful in the fight against Botnets.
    — This is the first book to explain the newest internet threat Botnets, zombie armies, bot herders, what is being done, and what you can do to protect your enterprise. — Botnets are the most complicated and difficult threat the hacker world has unleashed - read how to protect yourself.

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  • Hacking Exposed 6
    Hacking Exposed 6

    The world's bestselling computer security book, fully expanded and updated.
    — New chapter on hacking hardware, including lock bumping, access card cloning, RFID hacks, USB U3 exploits, and Bluetooth device hijacking. — Updated Windows attacks and countermeasures, including new Vista and Server 2008 vulnerabilities and Metasploit exploits. — The latest UNIX Trojan and rootkit techniques and dangling pointer and input validation exploits. — New wireless and RFID security tools, including multilayered encryption and gateways. — All-new tracerouting and eavesdropping techniques used to target network hardware and Cisco devices. — Updated DoS, man-in-the-middle, DNS poisoning, and buffer overflow coverage. — VPN and VoIP exploits, including Google and TFTP tricks, SIP flooding, and IPsec hacking. — Fully updated chapters on hacking the Internet user, web hacking, and securing code.

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