Ethical Hacking eBooks
Hack Attacks Testing   Hack Attacks Testing
A network security breach (a hack, crack, or other invasion) occurs when unauthorized access to the network is achieved and havoc results. The best possible defense is an offensive strategy that allows you to regularly test your network to reveal the vulnerabilities and close the holes before someone gets in. Written by veteran author and security expert John Chirillo, Hack Attacks Testing explains how to perform your own security audits.
— Paperback: 576 pages
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Secrets Of A Super Hacker   Secrets Of A Super Hacker
Here is the most amazing book ever published on computer hacking. Step-by-Step illustrated details on the techniques used by hackers to get your data including:-
Guessing Passwords, Stealing Passwords, Password Lists, Social Engineering, Reverse Social Engineering, Crashing Electronic Bulletin Boards, Dummy Screens, Fake E-mail, Trojan Horses, Viruses, Worms, Trap Doors, And Much more...
Anyone concerned with computer security and data privacy needs to read this book.
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Hacking GMail   Hacking GMail
Everything about GMail including:-
— Inside GMail, Conquering GMail, Desktop Integration
— GMail Power Tips, Skinning GMail, How GMail Works
— GMail & Greasemonkey, GMail Libraries, Building API, Using GMailFS
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Stealing The Network   Stealing The Network
How to Own a Shadow is the final book in Syngress ground breaking, best-selling, Stealing the Network series. As with previous title, How to Own a Shadow is a fictional story that demonstrates accurate, highly detailed scenarios of computer intrusions and counter-strikes. Readers will be amazed at how Knuth, Law Enforcement, and Organized crime twist and torque everything from game stations, printers and fax machines to service provider class switches and routers steal, deceive, and obfuscate. From physical security to open source information gathering, Stealing the Network: How to Own a Shadow will entertain and educate the reader on every page. The books companion Web site will also provide special, behind-the-scenes details and hacks for the reader to join in the chase for Knuth.
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